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Founded in 2006 by BMX freestyle legend Dave Mirra, Mirraco Bike Company sells all manner of BMX race and stunt bicycles worldwide in a wide range of prices. On a BMX bike you can be a kid no matter your age. Freestyle superstar Dave Mirra knows that better than anyone. He’s won gold medals every year of the X-Games, Disney’s extreme sport competition. Still going strong in his thirties, he started racing when he was 5. No wonder Mirraco Bike, the company he founded in 2006, says, “Start ‘em young” and sells a version of their competition-winning Black Pearl model in an 18” size for kids.

BMX means Bicycle Motorcross, and kids in California in the 1970s started the sport when they put knobby tires and motorcycle handlebars on their Sting Rays to imitate motorcycle dirt racers. Soon after, a group of San Diego teenagers involved with an early BMX magazine started performing outrageous bike tricks at a concrete skateboard park, and Freestyle was born.

You can buy MirraCo products from the online store DragZone.bg.

Official internet site: www.mirrabikeco.com

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For over 70 years Schwalbe has dominated the two wheeled tyre industry in Europe. From the very early beginnings where the company founder saw an opportunity in the growing cycle market to the ultra modern production facility in Cologne, Germany, Schwalbe have always strived to design and manufacture the best performance tyres in the business.

Schwalbe brand bicycle tires can be found from the USA to Australia and Japan to South Africa. And in Europe they are the market leaders! They believe there are two reasons for this success:
- Firstly: They are "tire fanatics"! Absolutely specializing in bicycles and in recent years also in wheelchairs.
- Secondly: Their tires can’t be found everywhere, but exclusively in the specialized trade! Because to their mind, qualified advice and good service are a must.
- And they know: Only the specialized trade can ensure both.

You can buy Schwalbe tires from the online store DragZone.bg.

Official internet site: www.schwalbe.com

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DMR (Design Make Ride) was kicked into life in the Winter of 1995, the idea was to make UK designed bike parts that worked for the way we liked to ride. DMR is owned & run by people that have a passion for biking and design. We have grown over the last 10 years from a single product to around 100 covering a wide range of riding styles.

But we still focus on the hardcore riders that push things forward through more progressive riding -pushing themselves & their bikes to new limits - it's through these more demanding riders that innovation in new product occurs & has its purpose. As a result, our products tend to be simple & strong without any gimmicks.

You can buy DMRbikes and components from the online store DragZone.bg.

Official internet site: www.dmrbikes.com

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SR Suntour

SR Suntour was established by Sakae Ringyo Company with a capital investment of 45,000,000 NT$ in Tokyo, Japan. Since 1987 the company have stuck to their policy of respect for the earth's environment and their commitment to high quality, creativity and best service. SR Suntour develop and manufacture many unique items for various segments of the bicycle market - suspension forks, rear shocks, cranks etc.

It is this passion to their company principles of providing quality, value, and fulfillment which helps them to satisfy the expectations of their customers, retailers, and the bicycle enthusiasts who use their products day after day.

Devotion to improving riding is their inspiration. Producing affordable and innovative products for their customers is their business. Their innovative ideas and impulses will keep on changing the biking world for decades to come.

You can buy SR Suntour products from the online store DragZone.bg.

Official internet site: www.srsuntour-cycling.com

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