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The history of the Michelin family enrolls in the great Italian cycling tradition since 1919. A unique heritage, made up of expertise and passion that strongly characterized us, and which we constantly refer to in synergistic combination with the latest technologies. Today more than ever, the best quality and skillful processing are the keywords of all our production. Passion, Men, and Technique: this is the made in MICHE worldwide.

"Miche has chosen to continue to produce all parts in Italy, sure to be able to send to the bike’s world a message of seriousness and professionalism and to receive at the same time, a sign of esteem and prestige.

Manufacturing quality products is our corporate mission daily certified by tests in our laboratories in accordance with the stringent standards that the quality system of Miche prescribes.

Our products are developed using sophisticated CAD programs; they take the form of 3D printers and, once made, they must pass many tests in the toughest conditions of use.

Released from our lines, they are sold worldwide and bring our brand characterized by a story of quality and Italian talent.

Deciding to purchase Miche, the customer is assured of buying a product designed and manufactured in Italy and guaranteed by the high quality typical of the manufaturings of our tradition."


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NS bikes


"Forward thinking. Open minds. Caring about what we do. Listening to our riders. Working hard to achieve the results that we planned. Not giving up somewhere in the middle of the road. Doing only what we can do best. Doing things differently.


These are just a few of the leading thoughts that have been with us since the beginning of NS Bikes.


When we started working on our first frame, the Streetlegal, pretty much everyone was shaking their heads in disbelief. Sure, it was a crazy project. At that time no one believed that we could go anywhere with that one. But we took the risk. We pushed the project through and built the frames. And guess what? We sold all of them much faster than we planned. How come? Well, probably because the frame was designed and developed by REAL progressive riders, and there happened to be a few other REAL progressive riders out there who needed that kind of product. Not many, but enough to inspire us and give us a feeling that someone appreciates what we do.


The same story repeated with several other products... we always heard voices doubting if what we were doing had any chance on the market. But in the end, the most crazy concepts always proved to be successful.


What’s interesting is that some companies are actually making their brand new frames based on our 2003 design - but so what? Since then our frames have gone through something like 10 evolutions. Riders evolve, the sport evolves, so our products are always up on the frontline. Always changing, adapting.


Our new products have gone a long way in the last few years. And we are not ashamed to admit that something can be changed, something can be improved. In fact, no matter how hard we try, we can't keep ourselves from redesigning everything each year. If something can be improved - we just have to do it.


I think that another thing that defines NS is that it's a company dedicated to making highly specialised products for a narrow group of customers. That means that we doubt whether NS will ever be the choice of the “Hey, I want to buy a mountain bike because it’s cool” customer. The beginner rider probably won't appreciate the details that make our products special either. And it means that you can be pretty sure that if you meet someone on an NS, they will speak the same language as you do, no matter what country they come from.


In the future, we hope that people will shake their heads the next time we show them our new design. It means that we are still thinking different. And that’s good."


Szymon Kobylinski


NS Bikes




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Founded in Treviso in 1985 by the creative genius of Rudy Barbazza with the aim of improving the performances of athletes the world over, Rudy Project has been the leader in Europe in the sports and eyewear sector for 30 years. This success is the result of constant investment in the development of new materials and technologies for lenses and frames, a special vocation to qualitative excellence and a well-conceived and targeted marketing and communication strategy.

The love for progress, passion for style and attention to quality have given life to an exclusive collection of technologically-advanced sports eyewear. “Technically Cool” is the company payoff, two words which best express the essential characteristics of each Rudy Project product.All Rudy Project eyewear is 100% made in Italy and stands out thanks to the technological materials used for the frames and lenses, the aesthetic design, the attention to detail and quality of the products, and the precision packaging.

Now present in more than 60 countries, Rudy Project has over 3,000 sales outlets in Italy alone, mostly at opticians', and numerous single-brand sales outlets, throughout the world, especially in the Far East. Exports count for about 85% of sales and include traditionally difficult countries like the United States, which today is Rudy Project's main market. Rudy Project has partnerships with athletes from all sports. It listens to their needs, takes in their requirements and then researches and uses the latest-generation materials to produce totally innovative technical solutions. An intense sponsorship activity, involving some 10 thousand athletes from all sports across the globe, is the basis of the marketing and communication strategy that has put Rudy Project on the front covers of the top magazines.

Technical sunglasses, bicycle helmetswraparound glasses, but also sport accessories for brand extension - watches, clothing and bags, the range now comprises more than 5,000 articles. The standout collection is the exclusive RX range of sunglasses/glasses lenses, ideal for the most demanding sportspeople in need of optical correction. The innovations from Rudy Project are guaranteed top of the range.


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In 1995, Susanne and Felix Puello founded the brand Haibike. Susanne is the CEO of Winora Group and great-granddaughter to the company founder, Engelbert Wiener. In the beginning these sporty bikes were still offered under the name of our parent brand Winora, but soon became Haibike. Over the next 15 years, the brand developed new models and further advanced both visually and technically.


Haibike is using a special production process for the very first Xduro: Gravity Casting. This casting process originated from the motorcycle industry and makes it possible to produce complex components that are extremely stable and precise, but yet very lightweight. This technology is mainly used for our “interface,“ also known as the engine mount. This is the heart of the frame, where technical functions work together. This technology is used by more and more competitors later on.

2016 Haibike integrates the display into the stem

Another step toward integration: Haibike develops a new stem designed around the display for its European customers. The display is seamlessly integrated into the stem and protected from damage.




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