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For those of you who always want to know where they are, how fast they are riding, what their pulse or the time left home is, Garmin products are what you need. The series Edge offers GPS bike computers that you can measure all possible parameters of the workout or the race, as well as you can connect to the mobile app Strava. Another scream of technology is Varia Vision, digital viewfinder - Connector for glasses, which you can track your parameters or GPS route, without taking your eyes off the road. Sports watches, cameras and all that can immortalize your experience.

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Cox Components provides handlebars and stems. Nowadays we deliver over 500 products and still expanding more.

Cox Components  Velomania's brand, specially designed for DRAG bicycles. Cox Components are preferred also by professional bike riders like Martique team in France, Tusnad Team of Romania and golden medalists from Ukraine ladies team.

The Cox are known for their reliability and excellence. Our portfolio of components is covering the technical and performance requirements of professional racers and enthusiasts. 

You can buy Cox products online from DragZone.bg или на http://coxcomponents.com/

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Child Safety on the move

"Ever since our inception, over 20 years ago, Bellelli has been, and continues to be, truly committed to a passion for excellence. A world leader, well-known for the design of child bicycle carriers and trailers, Bellelli’s company goals and mission have always been “commitment to top quality and distinction”. Our full dedication to children’ safety quickly led Bellelli to become the first Italian company to obtain the European TUV-GS approval for its child bicycle carriers.

Our success is also built on extensive investments in R&D involving several aspects such as: (a) use of non-toxic certified plastics; (b) innovative top quality components and materials; (c) extended safety tests, and (d) advanced technical solutions for child comfort.  With our experience, responsibility, enthusiasm and attention,we offer to our young end-users the best and safest child bicycle carriers on the market. Quality, cutting-edge technology, durability, outstanding safety and highest comfort are our defining features which blend well with our exclusive Italian design and elegance.

We are committed and dedicated to ensuring top quality service to our customers by offering innovatively designed, environmentally friendly,technically advanced and safe products everyone can afford."

Bellelli team

You can buy Bellelli products online from DragZone.bg

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Basil produces beautiful and functional bicycle baskets, bags and accessories. The team of Basil comes with the products that make the riding more attractive and more fun. Always based on customer demands.

Basil is awarded with the "Supplier of the Year 2009" by Halfords, also "Euro Bike Design Award" in 2009. and numerous other awards such as "Fietsvak Design".

"We are Basil. We love to see you enjoying your bike. That’s why we make beautiful and functional cycling accessories that will encourage you to ride your bike more often. Because cycling is good for you and helps provide your daily dose of happiness and exercise.

It all started 40 years ago, when Ine van Dam walked into Nico van Balveren’s bike shop. She was looking for a wicker basket for her bicycle. Nico developed the basket and made Ine very happy with it. And, most importantly, the basket allowed her to enjoy her bike rides even more.

Not much has changed since then in our family company. Our passion is coming up with products that make cycling more attractive and more fun. Always based on your wishes."

On behalf of the Basil Team,
Marthijn van Balveren 

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