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Selle SMP

Selle SMP

Selle SMP was born after WWII, during the ‘bike gold ages’.
The founder, Martino Schiavon, was a young artisan producing bike saddles in a small attic in Padova. 
In all these years there was no outsorcing for Selle SMP , even though italian economical crisis . The factory decided to push more on quality and innovation rather than low labor costs.
In sixty years Selle SMP has become the benchmark for high quality ergonomical saddles, and still, each saddle is hand made in Veneto with the same passion they used to.

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Launched in March 2003 by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie, Knog is a unique global lighting & cycling accessories brand, based in Melbourne, Australia currently selling Knog products to over 60 different countries

"We're a team of creative designers and engineers who refuse to conform to anyone or anything. What binds us together is the same passion and ferociousness to smash the mould, challenge the status quo, and revolutionise the way we think about lights and locks. Being out there every day smashing the main roads and rolling softly through the back country and being attuned to global sub-cultures is where we find our inspiration. It's what drives us to consistently deliver fresh and innovative products that enable riders, walkers and urban adventurers around the world to discover their own sense of freedom, have fun, and live in the moment.

It's like great sex: passion, experimentation, fearlessness, hard work, spontaneity and humour make an exceptional product and ultimately a great brand. We've always been pretty certain that when we launch well-designed products we can make an impact with the product design alone, but what we've learnt is that design makes up only about 10-20% of what it is to run a successful brand. The other 80-90% are equally important: marketing/sales, logistics, shipping, public relations, advertising, point of sale, quality assurance and consumer service."


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In 1960 SIDI began as a craftsman’s workshop manufacturing mountain sports footwear. In the 1970’s SIDI began specializing in cycling footwear and boots for off-road and on-road motorcycling. Dino Signori, founder of SIDI, has combined a passion for cycling with more 50 years of experience manufacturing innovative sporting footwear.
Thanks to this passion and a deep, intuitive knowledge of the business SIDI has become the market leader in cycling and motorcycle shoes. After half a decade, SIDI’s unique balance of tradition and innovation, style and comfort, make SIDI sporting footwear exceptional in the industry.
Highlighting the strong identification between the company and its founder, the SIDI logo started off as a union of DIno SIgnori’s initials. In 1974 the logo becomes the one we all know today with the addition of the vortex symbol representing strength and movement.
From a simple logo, the SIDI trademark has become one of the most recognizable and known brands in the business.

Tradition, values and commitment combined with an efficient international distribution network make SIDI a company that is present all over the globe.
Because of their guaranteed quality, SIDI footwear has been chosen by millions of athletes. Since 1960 SIDI has researched and developed highly technical footwear in order to achieve the maximum in reliability and comfort.

Combining innovation with a half-century of experience; the SIDI brand evokes a passion that goes beyond that of just a company.

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Kind shock KS

"Our brand mark serves dual meanings for us here at KS. KS is an abbreviated version of our brand, Kind Shock, but also stands for “Keep Striving”, which is our company mantra.

KS strives to achieve the highest attainable level of technology and art in the manufacturing of bicycle products. KS Strives to bring constant innovation to the bicycle industry. KS strives to meet and exceed social and environmental responsibilities in the manufacturing and marketing of its products.

At KS, we view innovation as the DNA of the brand. KS constantly strives to be at the forefront of development and to pioneer new products to improve the riding experience. The i series line of adjustable height seat post series is a prime example of this innovation and has fast become the benchmark seat post series in the bicycle industry.

From design concept to shipment of the finished product, the KS brand mark represents the commitment that our product that exceeds the most stringent quality control and testing standards and guarantees the highest level of quality.  KS products are not only developed to supply the demands of the current market, but also are designed to anticipate the future needs and lead innovation and the progress of technology in the industry. The “APG Fork”, which utilizes KS’s proprietary integrated pump and gauge, is a very good example of this philosophy. The inspiration for this product was the fact that many customers commented that it was difficult to set accurate pressure with a high pressure pump, due to the air lost when removing the external pump. Our R&D took this challenge to solve this issue a step further and developed a system that frees the rider from the chore of carrying a cumbersome external pump.

KS strives to make manufacturing of our products as environmentally friendly as possible. From streamlining production to reduce power consumption, to designing products with minimal raw material scrap and waste, we are able to meet and exceed today’s ever important global environmental standards.

KS is also dedicated not only to promoting and building its brand, but also to promoting the bicycle culture. KS holds its “South China Two-Wheelers Stunt Competition” each year. This event draws riders globally to join in competition with local riders. In addition, KS has co-organized the “Bicycle Skills School” to increase bicycle awareness and help cultivate a lifelong passion for cycling.

With the ever increasing pace of life today, cycling remains an oasis of peace and well being. For KS, the bicycle is not only a vehicle of transportation, but a vehicle to free one from the routine of daily life thru a sense of freedom, power and passion.

KS firmly believes that the quality of life is enriched by the bicycle, and we will “Keep Striving” every day to increase that level of enrichment.

KS-Enriching the quality of life….one bicycle at a time."


You can buy KS products online DragZone.bg 

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