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Italian firm Peruzzo has been on the market for more than 25 years, producing bike carriers for cars and other bike accessories. A wide range of bike carriers for cars is avaible: to mount on the back, on the roof, on the boot with hook drawings.

Bike carriers for the back are available with Ø 25-30 mm tubes. Colour and finishings on request.

Peruzzo srl's factory has been certified since 2005 with ISO 9001:2000 by one of the main institutes of certification. This ensures Peruzzo can offer its customers a high quality product and an efficent service at a low cost.

You can buy Peruzzo racks from the online store DragZone.bg.

Official internet site: www.peruzzosrl.it

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Sigma Sport

Producer of cycling and other sports accessories including: computers, lighting systems, pumps, and tools, Sigma Sport represents German technology at its highest level, combining innovative design with precision engineering. They test all their products in their in-house laboratories to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring quality continually through their production. All Sigma Sport standard lights conform to the stringent German traffic standard, and all Sigma Sport products are CE-approved. No Sigma Sport product is shipped until it passes their thorough inspection.

With perhaps the lowest return rate in the industry, Sigma Sport is committed to the constant improvement of their entire product line. As a Sigma Sport customer, your confidence and trust is a key component to their worldwide success.

Sigma Sport's inception began with the idea to produce a cycle speedometer - today's cycle computer - incorporating many advantages over the conventional tachometers from that period, including delivery of exact data.

Ultimately, the vision evolved into offering highest-quality products at a reasonable price, along with the optimum sales tools for the trade.

You can buy Sigma Sport products from the online store DragZone.bg.

Official internet site: www.sigmasport.com

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Always with the interests of the customer in mind, Velomania chooses with the utmost care the manufacturers it works with. In order to bring a wide range of products to the Bulgarian public and to satisfy the needs of cyclists by offering them everything they need in a one-stop shop, Velomania chooses to work with the best producer in every category.

So from 2020 Velomania is the exclusive importer and distributor of one of the best brands in the bicycle industry - the SRAM family.    


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Do you spend every minute of your free time on your MTB or road bike? Or are you a competitive pro or amateur cyclist? At Tacx are entirely dedicated to your passion for the sport of cycling. Work on your fitness, improve your personal bests, and reach the summit of your capabilities. You can count on Tacx. You just take care of training and discipline; they will provide the means and possibility. This is the perfect deal. Ambitious athletes are Tacx inspiration. Men like Alberto Contador, Andy Schleck and Fabian Cancellara will not settle for anything but the best. And from Tacx thinks that you won't either.

That is why their approach is distinctive through sublime quality, perfect charisma and revolutionary innovation. They develop Virtual Reality trainers, software, cycling films, repair stands, tools, water bottles and water bottle cages. When you ride with Tacx you will notice your daily improvements. It shows on the display in the comfort of your home: more power, more fitness. You will experience it outside when you can stick with the head of the bunch or overcome the most challenging terrains. Then you will be the winner. Against the other competitors but . . . especially for you. You will feel Tacx.

You can buy Tacx products from the online store DragZone.bg. You can try out the Tacx Genius Multiplayer at the DragZone store on Bulgaria Blvd.

Official internet site: www.tacx.com

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