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Zefal is a French company and a worldwide leading manufacturer of cycling accessories: pumps, bottles, bottle cages, mudguards, racks, bags, maintenance products. Since 1880 Zefal’s main focus has been innovation. After the invention of the Presta valve (also called the French valve), Zefal has registered many patents to improve the efficiency and ease of use of cycling accessories.

Today their people still share the same passion for innovation as 130 years ago.

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CST brand tires are manufactured by Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. (Cheng Shin Tire). Employing more than 20 000 people, Cheng Shin Tire is the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world and offers products in many other categories as well. Distributed in more than 150 countries, the CST brand covers a wide range of market segments. CST products include tires and tubes for bicycles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, autos, trucks and more.

With facilities including three factories in Xiamen, China, CST’s operations boast world-class manufacturing equipment, innovative technology and a strong emphasis on quality, delivery and customer satisfaction. CST adheres to the most stringent international standards. The company has attained certificates and awards including DOT (US Department of Transportation) certification, ISO9002, E-Mark, TS 16949 and the China Well Known Brand Award. Utilizing a first-rate manufacturing operation and highly efficient logistics, CST sets the standard for excellence in the tire industry. At CST, quality, integrity and service are more than just words: They’re the foundation of the company from top management to the factory floor and beyond.

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Official internet site: www.csttires.com

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Marzocchi is an Italian manufacturer founded in 1949 by the two brothers Stefano and Guglielmo Marzocchi. The company profile includes hydraulic industrial pumps and suspension components for motorcycles and bicycles. In 2009, Marzocchi Suspension became part of the Tenneco Inc. Group, with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois with approximately 21 000 employees worldwide.

Tenneco is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of emission control (exhaust systems) and ride control products(suspension) and systems for the automotive original equipment market.

Marzocchi sponsors dozens of high calibre bike racers, among them are Brian Lopes, Wade Simmons, Cedric Gracia, Angel Rodriguez, Jorge Hermosilla, and Adrián Arroyo.

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KMC CHAIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was established in Tainan County, Taiwan in 1977. Ever since then, the company has been devoted to the production of professional bicycle chains. In the 1980's, the bicycle industry was developing vigorously, and competition was surfacing on the chain market. Nonetheless, KMC Group stood out among all the chain manufacturers. In 1986, KMC Group started a partnership with the Japanese supplier, Shimano Inc, signed the technical cooperation memorandum, and began supplying the needed series of chains. This partnership has lasted continuously to date.

Within the short 10 years between the establishment of the KMC Group and start of partnership with Shimano Inc., KMC Chain had become one of the largest chain manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Currently, KMC Group produces 150,000,000 meters of chain per year and the sales has reached over 130 countries in the world with its strong marketing network in mo re than 10 languages.

“Excellence and Continuity” has been the motto of the President of KMC Group, Charles Wu. He believes in it and puts it into action so that it can become part of the business culture of KMC Group.

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Official internet site: www.kmcchain.com

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