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Speed on two wheels: That has been iXS’ core business right from the start. A big name in the world of motorbikes, iXS has become one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear and protective gear for mountain bikers over the last decade. And that is no coincidence: When developing functional bikewear or sturdy protective gear, a close cooperation with a large number of athletes is essential. It’s these athletes who deliver important feedback, thus helping to further improve existing products.

And mind you: Small details can make all the difference out on the trails. The result: Protective gear that you can fully rely on. And technical, functional sportswear tailored from high-tech fabrics and ready to be taken off the beaten paths – be it on long rides or in bike parks. And because looks do matter, iXS adds fresh designs as a lifestyle-related bonus.


At hostettler everything revolves (in the widest sense of the word) around the wheel: bicycles, motorcycles, cars and everything connected with them. With more than 500 employees, this family-owned business, which was founded more than 100 years ago and is now organised in eight independent trading companies, is now one of the major economic motors in central Switzerland. Its various buildings contain more than 104'000 square meters of warehouse, sales and administrative space.

Optimum use of synergies is made within the hostettler group. One of the key factors for this success is a centrally organised, efficient logistics network. Through the services they provide, each company helps to ensure that hostettler offers a seamless flow of goods in the logistics chain from the time they are purchased until they are distributed to the various sales channels. In a highly successful move more than 20 years ago, hostettler expanded into the international market, a dynamic development that is set to continue in the future – «hostettler keeps the wheels turning».

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