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"Bikes to take you to amazing places"


Banshee bikes is now going into its 13th year of operation and only last year did we do a massive lineup change bringing in the new KS-Link designs, and we have more coming. As demands of the riders change, as we see more areas to innovate and make improvements it is a never ending quest to bring the best to our customers. If it means we do a complete rethink and start from a fresh slate then that’s what we’ll do.
We have seen tremendous success with our no-nonsense approach to bike design. We know what the riders want because we are building bikes basically for our own use. Everyone that works or has ever worked at Banshee has been a skilled rider with a passion for this great sport and an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the mountain bike and the performance expectations of the contemporary rider. We try to stay away from marketing spin, and just put it out there as it is; the riders today are far more savvy and have a body of technical knowledge that allows them to digest even some of the harder design and engineering details.

We will remain the company where the rider is put above all else and can have access to the guys that make things happen here. We will continue to have transparency in the design process from conception to finished bike. We love having riders come on board for the ride and give suggestions and make comments on what they’d like to see, incorporating some of their ideas into the final iterations… it’s a fulfilling collaboration between us and the riders that want to share in the process of designing a bike and I think we end up with a better bike because of it in the end. We don’t feel like this is just our company but that our riders are also a significant part of what Banshee is. We have a responsibility to our riders to produce the best we can give of ourselves and that like a family all our riders can have a say in where we go in the future. This is so much more rewarding then just making bikes and collecting a pay check. We like to say that instead of making bikes we make good times, great stories, and memories that will last a lifetime whether alone or with family and friends.
The world would truly be a better place if everyone rode a bike.

You can buy Banshee products online DragZone.bg

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